This is about You Go Marketer... but its also about David Smallman... and DVsmall. 

Its about my journey and how it connects with your journey too...


About David Smallman

I was born in California but raised in the Amazon region of Brazil. My parents were missionaries during the 1970's. I returned to the USA in time for high school and that was when I began my online adventures. 
I have always enjoyed the challenges of working with computers and doing what I can to help people solve problems. 

Working with video, graphics, software and doing branding has always been a passion of mine.

About DVsmall Marketing Agency

In 2013 I opened a digital agency and began creating websites and videos for local clients here in Bauru, Brazil where I live. 

After gaining experience on hundreds of projects developing and training a staff of experts we are well prepared to assist you in creating your online enterprise! 

About You Go Marketer

In 2018 I decided to branch out and help more than just local clients. There are thousands of people all over the globe who need help getting established online. The call was clear to reach out and offer services and training to the global population.
I am here to help you in any way I can to grow your online business and reach your goals. Reach out and lets work together... 
now, You Go Marketer!




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